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sunset over ayers rock in uluru australia
Ayers Rock or Uluru as it’s known among the aboriginal people, is the largest monolith in the world and Australia’s most recognizable natural icon. Standing at over 1100 feet above the ground, only a small portion of  this huge formation is exposed above the earth’s surface.  As the sun sets, the rock goes through various dramatic color changes such as this distinctive rustic red hue.


uluru australia
A closer look at Ayers Rock and the type of flora that thrive in this region of the outback in Australia’s Northern Territory.


aboriginal lady near ayers rock in uluru australia
An aboriginal lady who guided us around Uluru. Hey eyes always lit up when asked about the aboriginal legends and myths of Uluru. One could see her pride when talking about her native land, that generations before her have lived on, and thrived on, despite its harshness.


ayers rock in the outback of australia
The sacred backside of Uluru


the olgas of the outback in australia
Another natural formation that is very unique to this region of the country are the Olgas, a group of oddly shaped rock mountains also known as Kata Tjuta. We decided to go on a guided hike through these mountains and valleys.


hiking the valley of the winds in the olgas of australia
Hiking the Valley Of The Winds in the Olgas.


Some parts of the hike involve steep climbs.


valley of the winds in the olgas of australia
A rewarding view of the Valley Of The Winds at the end of the hike.


road train in the outback of australia
On the drive back to our hotel, waving hello to a road train that are common to Australia’s outback.


view of ayers rock from the air near uluru australia
Uluru as seen from the air on the flight back to Sydney.  To get to Uluru, your best option is to book a flight on Qantas that has regular service from all of Australia’s major cities.


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