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blue mosque at night in istanbul turkey
Blue Mosque at dusk: A classic icon of Constantinople and modern day Istanbul, it is the grandest mosque of them all, and the only one in the world with six minarets – Sultanahmet area


inside the blue mosque in istanbul turkey
Inside the blue mosque, peering out of its ornate windows as the sunlight floods in.


Sultanahmet old town area: Fresh groceries from a street vendor, and conversation opportunities


aya sofya museum in istanbul turkey
Aya Sofya museum: An extraordinary building on the inside that deserves to be observed from all its many corners. To be honest, this picture doesn’t quite capture the grandeur of the imposing structures that one would feel when standing here and looking up and around – Sultanahmet area


selling rugs and carpets in istanbul turkey
The rug industry is huge in Turkey, and the more established factories go to great lengths to sell their products, complete with full demonstrations in their showrooms and complimentary apple teas. This man stuck to the old fashioned methods of striking up a conversation with a potential customer. He was good.. and almost got me to purchase a carpet – Eminonu area


A cautious purchase – Eminonu area


old man with beard on istiklal avenue in the taksim area of istanbul turkey
I ran into this old man when walking along Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul’s Taksim neighbourhood. He kept peering up at the balcony of an abandoned old building, almost Shakespearean in stance, very oblivious to those around him, and my camera. A nearby food stall vendor told me that his love of old had lived here a long time ago.. Whether that story was true or not, he made for an interesting portrait.


blind man selling bird seeds outside a mosque by the bosphorus strait in istanbul turkey
A blind man outside a mosque by the Bosphorus strait, selling plates of seeds to those who want to attract and feed the pigeons – Eminonu area


kids ride a tram car on istiklal avenue in istanbul turkey
Kids ride the tram car on Istiklal Avenue. Istiklal, and the Taksim area as a whole, is the heart of contemporary and cosmopolitan Istanbul. It is definitely worth it to take a day and evening to walk this avenue and its side streets, soaking in the sights and sounds of local life along the way.


a little girl amongst pigeons in istanbul turkey
On the steps of an old mosque by the Bosphorus strait, a little girl throws herself fearlessly into a pigeon storm. Just minutes before, I had taken a shot of a blind man near the bottom of these marble steps selling plates of seeds, presumably to earn a few liras from anyone who might be interested in attracting these birds. As I stood here observing, I noticed he would at times throw some of his precious wares into the air. And each time she would run without hesitation. Shouting, laughing at the gathering birds, bringing a wide smile to his otherwise solemn face. It wasn’t too clear to me if they knew each other.. perhaps they were father and daughter, perhaps strangers.. but what was abundantly clear, in absence of sight, he was using his ears to silently relish this scene in his own way. A tiny slice of life in the city by the Bosphorus, a slice I’m glad I lingered around enough to see


spice bazaar in istanbul turkey
The spice bazaar – Eminonu area


fishing in the bosphorus in istanbul turkey
On the waterfront, looking across the Bosphorus to the Asian side of Istanbul. Many come down here to fish, and this man expertly kept swinging his line from around and behind me into the water, not complaining about my proximity nor the clicking of the shutter – Eminonu area


street performer in taksim area of istanbul turkey
I came upon her in an alleyway, singing a haunting gypsy tune to the slow beat of her drum – Taksim area


taksim lights at night in istanbul turkey
The lights of Taksim.


shisha smoking in istanbul turkey
Enjoying some shisha – Taksim area


street photo in istanbul turkey
Streetside chats – Taksim area


street food in taksim area of istanbul
Street meat, Turkish style – Taksim area


ice cream vendor in taksim area of istanbul turkey
A tasty treat, served with a smile – Taksim area


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