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copacabana beach during carnival in rio de janeiro brazil
Copacabana Beach, the one beach to rule them all in Rio. A few friends and I visited what is arguably Brazil’s most iconic city during carnival time and Copa is at its busiest then. Raucous, loud, and unabashedly beautiful, Rio is a delightful attack on all senses.


copacabana beach in rio de janeiro
Copacabana beach


christ the redeemer statue on top of corcovado mountain in rio de janeiro brazil
The massive statue of Christ The Redeemer that sits atop Corcovado Mountain in the south end of the city. To get to the top, take the narrow gauge Corcovado Rock Railway or drive on the only road that snakes its way up.


view of rio from corcovado mountain in brazil
Rio De Janeiro as seen from the peak of Corcovado Mountain.


sugar loaf mountain in rio de janeiro brazil
The other famous mountain in Rio, Sugar Loaf, as seen from atop Corcovado.


carnival parade along copacabana beach in rio de janeiro brazil
A carnival parade slowly crawls along the road that straddles Copacabana beach, drums blaring the pulsating sounds of Samba.


samba concert in rio de janeiro during carnival
A Samba concert in the suburbs of Rio.


taking the cable car up to sugar loaf mountain in rio de janeiro
Taking the cable car up to the peak of Sugar Loaf mountain.


view of rio de janeiro from sugar loaf mountain in brazil
Looking down on Rio and Copacabana beach from the summit of Sugar Loaf.


view of ipanema beach in rio de janeiro
We climbed to the top of a cliff to get this great view of Ipanema beach, Rio’s other famous stretch of coast.


carnival parade along ipanema beach in rio de janeiro
The vivid colors and elegant movements of a carnival parade along Ipanema beach.


sunset at ipanema beach in rio de janeiro
Soaking in the sunset at Ipanema beach on my last day in Rio, and a fitting exclamation point to Cidade Maravilhosa.. the Marvelous City.


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