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maya bay in ko phi phi islands of thailand
Phi Phi Islands: The visual feast that is Maya Bay. DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’ was filmed here. When organizing trips to these islands be sure to get on a small boat as they are the only vessels that can come right up to the shore and drop anchor.


maya bay ko phi phi
Maya Bay’s calm clear azure waters


Phi Phi islands: The huge limestone cliffs that plate tectonics have created over thousands of years


Phi Phi islands


monkeys outside monastery near phuket thailand
Monkeys outside a cave monastery


phang nga bay in phuket thailand
Boating the waters of Phang Nga Bay


james bond island in thailand
Phang Nga Bay: James Bond Island, where ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ was filmed


floating village in phang nga bay of phuket thailand
Ko Panyi floating Muslim village: Consisting of a small community of muslims descended from 18th century Malay nomads who left Java, the village is built entirely on stilts or floating bases in the water right next to a huge limestone cliff island, complete with a school and mosque. The only tiny space of land in the village is used for burials.


Ko Panyi floating Muslim village: No matter where you go in Thailand, it truly is the land of smiles.


Ko Panyi floating Muslim village


Ko Panyi floating Muslim village


patong area of phuket in thailand
Phuket – Patong area. The crazy mix of lights, sounds, tourists, and locals on Bangla Road.

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