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Mountains and Cook's Bay in Moorea French Polynesia
When I visited the French Polynesian islands, Moorea was the place I was most looking forward to exploring.  It is a less frequented island in this area of the Pacific, overshadowed by the legendary Bora Bora and Tahiti which garner all the attention. But given that it is only 25km from the big island, I decided to make my way here for at least a day before seeing the rest of Tahiti and flying out to Bora Bora.  While Bora Bora has its stunning lagoon, Moorea has equally stunning peaks and lush forests as this shot above clearly shows. The bay to the very right is still called Cook’s Bay, where Captain Cook first laid anchor after sailing from Tahiti. One can imagine the indigenous people looking across the forest from this hilltop, trying to make sense of the strange object floating on the water in the distance, probably not realizing that their lives were about to change forever.


flower in moorea french polynesia
A lone shoe flower in the tropical jungles of Moorea. The jagged peaks are the eroded remnants of a massive ancient volcano’s crater wall.


driving on a road in moorea french polynesia
Road trips take on a whole different meaning in Moorea, where slow pace and frequent stops are the order of the day. And that’s a good thing in an island where the local police take speeding very seriously.


Inland Moorea


a church in moorea french polynesia
A protestant church. The arrival of both protestant and catholic missionaries in the 18th century marked the suppression of traditional Polynesian beliefs and culture. As they did in many other parts of the world, the over zealous missionaries destroyed many ancient relics and artifacts, forcing the natives to convert to Christianity. Thankfully, Polynesian culture has managed to survive.


beach resort in moorea french polynesia
Moorea has its share of resorts too. Tahiti can be seen on the horizon to the left.


secluded beach in moorea
A secluded beach.


a girls waits for the ferry to tahiti in moorea
Waiting for the ferry back to Tahiti.


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