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Ethiopian kids in Lalibela

While driving through rugged countryside in Ethiopia’s north and stopping on a whim to explore the surroundings, I ran into these kids near the edge of a cliff. They didn’t ask for the usual handouts like I thought they would. For them, a handful of some nuts and seeds that my driver happened to have was the luxury of the day. The look of joy as they realized we intended to share this with them, are the sort of moments in travel that linger with me always. Although immeasurably better than the Ethiopia of old, the country still battles a poverty that doesn’t seem to be waning in certain pockets. It was a spur of the moment decision to stop mid journey on our drive to a monastery, and walk off the path without plan or purpose. And if not for that, I would not have met these kids.. and followed them back to their village.. and be invited into the home of a lady that passed us on the road for a traditional coffee ceremony.. and experience an entire day of unexpected discoveries, our lunch and dinner consisting entirely of this very same bag of nuts and seeds.

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