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horse and cart in the siq to petra jordan
No trip to Jordan is complete without visiting the ancient city of Petra. And the best way to first experience it is to walk along the bottom of this giant fissure (known in Arabic as a siq) in the sandstone mountains, to its most famous landmark and structure called the Treasury.


walking in the fissure to petra jordan
petra jordan
Walking through the giant fissure to the entrance of Petra


ladies walking in the siq to petra jordan
Many rush along this path (or take speedier transport on horses) to catch the first glimpse of Petra. But it’s best to prod along at a leisurely pace, for the siq is a spectacular sight to marvel at on its own.


treasury seen through the crack in petra jordan
And right after passing the last bend, you see this, through a crack in the fissure. The first glimpse of the ancient city of Petra.


camels in front of the treasury in petra jordan
Carved into the sandstone mountains in the region, Petra was built by the Nabataeans and then further by the Romans who added their familiar architectural elements. Earthquakes in AD 363 ruined much of the city and it became the lost city, known only to the local Bedouin who chose to keep it a secret until it was re-discovered by the West in 1812 by a Swiss explorer.


bedouin in petra jordan
Bedouin banter. The Bedouin of the 21st century don’t really rely on camels as their main mode of transport. They do however employ them to the fullest in order to cart tourists around Petra.


bedouin and camel in petra jordan
A Bedouin relaxes next to his four legged ride.


bedouin riding camel in petra jordan
Local Bedouin


I started a strenuous climb up to the top of a nearby mountain that overlooks Petra and apparently provides for a panoramic view of the place. This kid seemed to smirk at me for attempting the climb on foot.. perhaps he wanted me to rent his donkey.


A bit higher up, you start to get a sense of the grandeur of Petra.


roman amphitheater in petra jordan
And there in the distance lies the ancient Roman amphitheater, carved right into the mountain face.


Thankfully untouched by the officials to make this path more tourist friendly, you experience it as the locals have for ages.. without barriers, and at certain points just a narrow ledge hugging the vertical face of cliffs.


A Bedouin lady passes me on her way down, her donkey leading the way.


bird's eye view of petra jordan
Once I finally got to the top about an hour later, I was treated to this magnificent view.

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