Amboseli | Kenya | The Mighty Maasai Warrior

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A Maasai warrior in Amboseli, Kenya

He knows how to start a fire with elephant dung, much like his ancestors did hundreds of years ago. He has killed a lion with his spear, earning the hallowed right to be called a warrior amongst his peers, a status marked prominently by the adornments around his ears. He jumps the highest in his village, something that was quickly evident in the elaborate welcoming ceremony I was fortunate enough to receive.

His mannerisms exude a quiet strength. His words are chosen and few, yet get the message across very clearly.. such as when he corrected me (and very rightfully so) that soccer is actually football. His favourite world cup team, the Netherlands.. his favorite type of mobile, ones that have a keyboard. The modern day Maasai of Africa are a proud people who have chosen to preserve much of their rich culture while partaking in the conveniences of today’s world as and when they please. Of the recent two weeks I spent in East Africa, my time with the Maasai near the border of Kenya and Tanzania in Amboseli, at the foot of Kilimanjaro, stand out as one of many unforgettable highlights.

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