Len Theivendra

Len Profile

Len Theivendra has always been an avid traveler and to date has visited 73 countries in every continent and often to the most obscure corners of our remarkable planet. His unrelenting curiosity to find unexpected treasures invariably takes him off the beaten path to discover and learn more about our world and its people.

Before emigrating to Toronto in ’84, Len spent his early years in Colombo, Sri Lanka where the travel bug first bit him on childhood trips around the South Asian subcontinent. On a family trip to Nepal, he was invited into the cockpit of the airplane as it flew over the Himalayas, just as Mt Everest came into sight. That awe inspiring experience ignited his passion to see more that continues unabated still.

Childhood travels also gave birth to his love for both airplanes and trains – especially trains. Train travel is all about soaking in the journey, and Len firmly believes in that to this day. Although young Len’s dream of being the operator of a shiny new diesel locomotive of his very own never quite materialized, his growing passion for all things computers and programming lead him instead to become a computer engineer and work the hi-tech software industry, currently as a senior engineer based at IBM.

Additionally, travel has lead Len to indulge in his other passion for photography. In the beginning the camera being a necessary nuisance for recording tourist landmarks, it later became a constant companion on travels and daily life as he grew to love capturing moments, places, and people.

You can see more of Len’s photography by following him on Instagram @lentheivendra, Facebook @Len Theivendra and Flickr. For media coverage and awards go here.

Quick facts: Len like his films foreign, his music retro, his tennis on concrete courts, and his gadgets on the bleeding edge of tech

Interesting travel fact: Has never had luggage lost or delayed on the hundreds of flights he has taken around the world

Scariest (and luckiest) travel moment: Vacationing in Sri Lanka with friends, they awoke tired from the prior night’s festivities, and decided to cancel a pre-planned morning drive from Colombo to the southern coast. It was December 26 2004, the fateful day a tsunami swept through South East Asia, destroying the area they were to have visited.

Strangest travel moment: On a return flight from Lima to Toronto via Mexico City the Mexican officials held him back on suspicions of a fake passport, with detailed interrogations about software programming, all to prove that he really did work where he said he did. Even his job interview at IBM was not as technical.

Most cherished trip: Five unforgettable days in mysterious Easter Island, one of the most remote and isolated places on earth that is still inhabited.